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A haven where laughter and learning unite.

In Mrs. Cynthia’s heart, a dream fueled by the laughter of her children blossomed into Freemansburg Childcare. While our program has evolved to serve school-age children, the core of Mrs. Cynthia’s vision remains. Freemansburg Childcare offers a haven where laughter echoes, curiosity flourishes, and every child’s growth is celebrated. Driven by passion, love, and dedication, it’s not just a business but a legacy—a warm embrace for every child, embodying Mrs. Cynthia’s dream turned into reality. Today, Freemansburg Childcare thrives as a vibrant community where friendships blossom and dreams take flight for our school-age learners.

Mission Statement

At Freemansburg Childcare Academy & Learning Center, our mission remains two-fold: empowering aspiring entrepreneurs in the childcare industry specifically geared towards school-age children while ensuring a safe and enriching environment for the children entrusted to us. We’re dedicated to creating successful, independent businesses for our franchisees, guiding them in providing exceptional care for this crucial age group. Our curriculum is designed to nurture a love for learning, foster social development, and equip children with the skills they need to thrive in school and beyond.

Simultaneously, we prioritize the safety and well-being of every child, fostering a secure space where they can thrive. Building enduring relationships with families is at the core of our values, as we believe that collaboration between educators and parents is essential for a child’s holistic development. Our ultimate goal is to lay the foundation for each child’s future success, providing them with the tools and support needed to flourish in every aspect of life.

Vision Statement

Fostering child development and entrepreneurial success. Our vision is a network of thriving childcare businesses, creating safe spaces where children flourish, guided by enduring relationships and holistic support.

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